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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Teachable Moments

During our bible study, we were talking about Adam and Eve and how God made Eve out of Adam. We then went on to discuss how men and women are to leave their father and mother and become “one flesh”. Then I went on to bring this into Ben and Rebekah’s everyday lives.

I pointed out that my relationship with God comes first, second is my relationship with Matt and third is my relationship with my children. Ben and Rebekah were fascinated by this topic. Matt was in the kitchen and we outlined his priorities: First, his relationship with God, Second his relationship with me, third his relationship with the kids. We re-read about a man leaving his father and mother and being joined together with his wife. His wife was leaving her family as well. Matt and I went on to explain that we love our children very much, but one day they will leave and we will still be together. We are “one flesh”. This is how God designed it.

These little moments, that at times can seem insignificant, sometimes leave a lasting impact. I am thankful when they come around.

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Debra said...

What a great message. Hard to teach sometimes, though. I pray that my children will find mates that believe it too though...