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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Sewing Lessons


When I was a teenager, my mother taught me how to sew. Every summer I had a sewing project or two that I had to accomplish. It worked and  I enjoy sewing when I have the time.

Now that we live in the same town as my parents, my mom said she would like to teach Sarah how to sew this summer. Sarah was quite agreeable and the two of them have had fun for the past two weeks working on this project together.

Mom had asked Sarah if there was any thing special she wanted to sew. After some thought, Sarah decided she wanted new summer pajamas. Since my mother has always made all my kids pajamas, she loved the idea that she would teach Sarah to sew her own “Grandma Jammies”. They went shopping and found two different fabrics. One is a woven cotton print, and the other is a knit fabric.

They started with a simple pair of pajama shorts. Elastic waist, no pockets. Mom was really surprised at how fast Sarah picked it up. She cut out the shorts one day, then sewed them the next. They turned out really great and we found a tank top to go with them.

Then they cut out the knit and made a pair of shorts along with a tank top type shirt. Working with knits is a little bit trickier than wovens, but Sarah persevered and in two days finished the shorts and shirt.

Now Grandma and Sarah are planning another sewing project together. Sarah says she is not sure if she wants to make a tote bag or a quilt. What ever they decide together, I am sure it will be wonderful.


Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

Elastic waist skirts were the first thing to tackle with my girls. Now my oldest daughter is attempting zippers, which I never perfected. It is a blessing to have family nearby who help. Your daughter's pjs turned out cute.

Patsy Miz Bee Brekke said...

What a wonderful experience and a precious time with Grandma! Great story!

My oldest discovered sewing this year, and we all have new jammie pants now. ;-)

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

What a great way to spend the summer! I loved making skirts, bags, curtains and dresses. Way to Go Grandma!

Modest Mama said...

How great!

My boys LOVE to sew as well, and I need to get on it for summer sewing projects!

Kym Thorpe said...

How fun - and practical! My mom has helped my daughter learn to sew as well, but she doesn't live anywhere near us, so it's a once-a-year thing. I am hoping to spend some time sewing by myself, and with my daughter this summer.

Grandmas are the greatest!

amy B said...

I love this idea! My Mother-In-Law has been teaching my kids to sew for years, but we have sort've gotten out of the habit.

Shanna said...

Super cute! My daughter has been sewing for a couple years. She likes to make dresses and tote bags.