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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Benjamin Funnies

Benjamin can say some of the funniest things. He is not so much “Look at me!” type of funny that his sister Rebekah is, Ben comes out with movie lines and dramatics at times when it is least expected. So here are some of the latest Ben funnies.

Ben shut the front door on his index finger. He is in pain, crying and we put ice on the finger. As the pain is going away, he realizes it is his turn to do the dishes. He looks at me, shakes  his head back and forth, puts one hand over his heart and the other outstretched. Then he declares, “Too bad this is not the type of injury where I can sit on the couch and watch TV all day.”

Ben tends to be very shy kid about his bodily functions. But since he has turned 10, he has begun to act like other 10 year old boys in this area and he will talk about them in a way all his own. Ben  studied digestion  as an extra science project. One day as we were talking after dinner, Ben jumps up and tells us, “I think I need to go voluntarily open my sphincter muscle. If you will excuse me I will be in the bathroom.”

Another time, Ben came to me and asked if Rebekah could watch TV while he did the dishes. (In our house we only watch TV in the evening and usually it is one show watched all together.) I gave him a puzzled look and asked, “You want Rebekah to watch TV while you do the dishes?” And he replies, “Oh, yes, Mom. I can do the dishes and listen to the show at the same time. It is called Multi-tasking.”  So I ask, “What do you know about multi-tasking?” Ben, in all seriousness, says, “I multi-task everyday. Because when I am in the bathroom I read while I , you know, go. That is multi-tasking.” How can you argue with that logic.

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Gramma Clark said...

Ben is one of a kind!