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Friday, May 18, 2012

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Sometimes a parenting  issue comes up that can be divisive without needing to be. In our family one of these issues is my girls and their socks. Both Sarah and Rebekah like low cut, brightly colored socks. Sarah, about a year ago, took to wearing her socks mismatched. Rebekah quickly took after her big sister in wearing her socks this way too.

To be totally honest, this drives me crazy! I prefer matching socks. I fought them on this for a little while, then came to the conclusion: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Really, having mismatched socks is no big deal. It has no lasting consequence. They may eventually outgrow this quirk and if they don’t, oh well.

So now it is much easier to fold my girls socks. We don’t. They just get put into one dresser drawer that they both share. When they need a pair of socks, it is quick and easy to grab two individual socks and put them on.  And now mom does not fuss over their socks. I just grit my teeth, smile and off we go!

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MJK said...

How funny! I guess you can be happy they at least wear socks!