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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Suddenly, I am jolted awake by a long, piercing sound. My heart is racing, my mind is racing, I am breathing hard. Is it the smoke alarm?  Are one of the kids crying?

No! it is my husband’s fire department radio going off. I lay there listening to the dispatcher calling Alamo West Fire Rescue out to a call.  There has been a car accident with injuries.

My husband is up in an instant. These days, my son, is knocking on our door.

“Dad, are you ready?”

Then they are off, driving to the fire station to grab a truck and race to the scene. Who knows exactly what they will find: a roll over with mangled metal and mangled bodies. Or is it just a car that slid off the road with no major injuries.  Today, it was the worst type of accident, a fatality.

I admire my husband and son, who give of themselves to help others in need.  Especially when the outcome is so tragic.

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