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Monday, March 5, 2012

One of Those Days!

     It has been one of those days. One of those days when I thought everything was going to go so well, and I was wrong.

     Today, I was up early to get Sarah and two of her friends to Driver’s Ed by  6:45am. I was on a roll. I got granola made and cooking in the crockpot. We were on time for the class. I came home, wrote a few things, checked my e-mail, all was going well.

     Then it fell apart. I think a lot of it was my fault. I did not stop what I was doing on the computer, but directed Ben and Rebekah with my back to them. Consequently, they both messed around, knowing mom was not paying much attention to what they were doing.

     After I picked up Sarah, it  was time to start our school day. Because I had not been on top of things, chores did not get done. This means a messy house and dishes in the sink and an overflowing trash can today.

     Rebekah has “lost it’ about 3 times today. Not wanting to get started. Taking forever to do one math page (over 40 minutes). Throwing two or three fits and having to sit in her room by herself until she apologizes. Also, her nagging little habits are much worse today. She is constantly whistling, when told that it is during school hours and she will either have to stop whistling or go outside to continue, she stops. But then the humming starts. She is constantly asking for help today, even though she does not need it.

     My schedule. I did not follow the schedule and I can tell. Rebekah really needs the security a schedule provides. It is now noon and I have taken the time to write a quick schedule for the rest of the day. Then as each item is completed, Rebekah can check off what is done and see what she has left.  This is helping, but it is still a struggle.

     Tomorrow  I plan on sticking with our schedule for school and not sabotaging myself by messing around with other things. I hope and pray the day will go better.

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