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Monday, March 5, 2012

B is for Birthday Blogging Through the Alphabet

     For this week my Blogging Through the Alphabet post I am choosing B to stand for Birthday. I have a very special reason for this as today is my son Matthew Jr.’s 19th birthday.  Marcy from the blog Ben and Me hosts  Blogging Through the Alphabet. Be sure to visit her blog to read her B word and then visit a few others as well.

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      I asked Matthew the other day how it was to have been and adult for a year now. He said it was mostly good with only a few problems here and there.  This birthday for Matthew is also a strange feeling one for me. I was 19 when I had Matthew, so it is strange to think he is that old!

     Matthew is also one very busy guy. He is going to school full time, taking 17 credits this semester. He is also working at a local grocery store as a stocker. Most weeks he ends up with 30-36 hours.  He is also a volunteer firefighter. All of this means he really has to budget his time to get it all done. I am amazed at how he does it all.

     I am very proud of him for many reasons. He works hard at whatever he is doing, whether school, work, or firefighting. He also regularly attends church, when he is not working, all on his own. He will take the time to visit with his grandparents and great-grandmother. He even took the time to go shopping for great-grandma while I was gone for a month.

      This is not a post to say that Matthew is perfect. He is definitely not. If you need proof, just look in his messy bedroom or at the cracked tail light on my car.  But, all in all he is a pretty great guy! I love you Matthew! Have a great birthday!

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Marcy Crabtree said...

awwww... happy birthday to your 'boy'!