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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Over seeding

     There has been a phrase rolling around in my head for the last two days. Over seeding. It comes from my devotion for Sunday. The devotion talked about how if you want to grow thick, lush grass, you will plant the seed, then when the seeds sprout, plant some more and continue until you have a thick, lush growth of grass. It then went on to talk about how you can do the same thing with your faith, over seed it. You can never read your Bible too much, every time you pick up scripture you are “seeding’ it into your life. This has stuck with me and periodically throughout the day I have been asking myself if I am “over seeding” my life with God’s Word.  I know I can plant a lot more seeds of God’s Word into my life. So how about you? Could you plant a little more of God’s Word in your life?


Cathlene said...

Good word picture. Thanks,Jill, I needed that!

Karen said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing it. I am following from the crew. Would love for you to follow me too. Karen @