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Friday, September 30, 2011

“Not Back to School” TOS Crew Blog Hop

     It is now the end of September. School has been in session for a little over a month now. We have finally received all the materials that I wanted to use this year, as well as some really fun review items.

     To help our school day run smoothly, and to make sure we get everything done, I make up a daily schedule. So far this year, I can’t seem to find a schedule that fits. Dad’s retirement and new job, the move to a new state, new activities, only three kids to school instead of four have all conspired together to create more chaos than I like. I will make up a schedule that works for 2 days, then a day will come up that throws everything off.

     I think the main problem comes from my husband working crazy hours. With the job he has, there is no set schedule. He may go to work at 4 am one day and then the next day not go in until 2pm. With this kind of schedule, it is hard for the kids to spend time with dad. So if he is home, I feel it is important that they have time to play with dad. It is also important for Dad, who has some stressful days at work, to be able to relax and let some of the joy the kids bring with their smiles and hugs brighten his day.

     But, this does not solve the problem of getting school done consistently. So my plan is to make a new schedule every morning based on Dad’s work and our activities. This way I can make sure we get everything done school wise. The big reason that we have to have a schedule is because Rebekah needs it. She cannot just “switch gears” at the drop of a hat. When she is presented with a written down, “we are doing this subject at this time, and for this long”  schedule school is a pleasant affair and not a constant battle.

     I am determined that October will be the month that I finally figure this problem out one way or another.  That is part of the beauty of schooling at home. Being able to fix problems and do what is best for our family.

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Vickie said...

I can see Matt's schedule as a trouble spot in the day too. I remember when Dave semi-retired. I turned over the math class to him. What was suppose to be a 30-45 minute class would turn into 2-3 hours. Which of course would mess up the rest of the schedule for the day lol But like you said, it is important for both dad and kids to spend the time together.

Praying you get things worked out with your schedule.

Oh...I'm thinking to allow the girls some email time....haven't decided totally yet. Mainly to be in contact with Sarah...does she have an email address?

Jennifer said...

My husband and I have a non-typical schedule, too. I try to cover school lessons as much as I can in 4 days so when he is home they can enjoy more time with Daddy.