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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spoiled Plans

     One of the great things about homeschooling is the joy in making your own school schedule. I can decide when to take Spring Break when it is convenient for  our family. This year we decided to go from a Wednesday to a Wednesday because of a weekend trip out of town.

      Everything went according to my plan, until we got back home.  I had planned that our Spring Break would end on Wednesday and we would have a half week of school. All my carefully laid plans of starting up again on Wednesday were foiled by the public school’s Spring Break.

     What happened was that some of the activities that my children are involved in decided that since kids didn’t have school they would meet in the middle of the day. Softball practice was scheduled for the middle of the day, Venturing went on an all day long event. And then the weather worked against my school plans as well. After being cold and rainy for months, we finally hit 70 degrees and full sun, for two days straight!

     So what does a homeschooling mom do when a half week like this happens? She does a few school subjects in the morning and plays in the park all afternoon. Full school can start again on Monday.

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