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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nutrition 101: Choose Life!


Book Title:        Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

Published by:  Growing Healthy Homes LLC

Authors:          Debra Raybern, N.D., Sera Johnson,

                          Laura Hopkins, Karen Hopkins

Price:                $99.95 Book; $79.95 CD-Rom;

                          $129.95 Book/CD-Rom Combo

                   (see end of review for discount code)

Age Range:      Pre-school through Adult

     Growing Healthy Homes has published A Family Nutrition and Health Program, named Nutrition 101; Choose Life!. This is a massive 448 page book that covers nutrition in a family friendly unit study style. It is appropriate not only for homeschooling families but anyone interested in learning and teaching better nutrition to their family.

     The information is presented in six units of four chapters each which cover the 12 major body systems.  Each unit begins with an overview of the body system that is covered. Then each chapter deals with a specific of that system. The chapter tells what your body does and what it needs in the way of vitamins and minerals to keep that system healthy.Certain foods provide the nutrition needed to maintain health and these are discussed. Each chapter includes a “Power Recipe” to help incorporate what is being learned into real life. Discussion questions, Activities, and Resources round out the end of the chapter.

     Nutrition 101: Choose Life! also includes 31 appendices. This is where specific topics are discussed. From Health statistics, to choosing fresh produce, Calcium rich foods to a Nail Health Guide the appendices covers many, varied topics. The appendices make this an excellent reference book, as well as a teaching curriculum.

ClarkClan Thoughts

  • Beautiful illustrations and pictures
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • In depth information yet easy to understand
  • Activities for both elementary and secondary ages

     Nutrition 101: Choose Life! is an overwhelming book. It is a “total’ nutrition program. By total I mean that you are taught why your body needs certain foods, not just a list of foods to eat. I loved that the book was written in a style that was extremely informational, yet very, very, understandable.

     Every time I open this book up, I am drawn into reading more and more. I have read some chapters three and four times, yet learn something new each time I re-read. I have a great desire to feed my family healthier foods. With this book, I not only read what foods to eat, but am given the science behind why to eat these foods I learn what my body needs to be healthy. Being told what to eat is one way to teach nutrition , being given the information on how your body works and why it needs or does not need certain foods is knowledge. And knowledge truly is power in this case. Informed decisions about proper food choices come with the knowledge gained in this book.

     Each chapter includes  a “Power Recipe”. What fun! These recipes provide a way to physically taste, touch,and smell delicious healthy food. When I went through Chapter 1 with my kids they were so excited that the recipe was for guacamole (dip made with avocados). We love guacamole and they were surprised to find out it was a “brain” food.  

How the ClarkClan used the book

To begin this review, I had Sarah read the first chapter, while I read it to Ben and Rebekah. We then did the activities and made the “Power Recipe”.  They loved  discussing the answers during the discussion question section and making the “Power Recipe” with me.   I only had my children work on one chapter with me for this review. I read the entire book and knew I wanted my kids to get the full benefit from it. April is the busiest month of the year for our family because of sports and church activities, therefore I knew we would not give each lesson justice. The decision I came up with was to make Nutrition 101:Choose Life!  into a high school level Nutrition/Health class for Sarah’s sophomore year. I will also have Ben and Rebekah participate with us using the elementary activities.  I ,on the other hand, will continue to read and learn from this book all summer and be excited to teach it to my children next fall.


     This book is expensive, yet I feel that I can highly recommend it. It is an excellent nutrition curriculum as well as being an excellent reference book for eating healthy.  To help with the price of this book, Growing Healthy Homes is offering a 15% discount coupon. Just type in the code TOScrew11 during checkout.

     Still not sure about this product? Growing Healthy Homes and The Old Schoolhouse are hosting a webinar on Thursday,  April 21 from 4:00-5:30 pm  EDT (2:00-3:30 MDT) Attend the webinar by clicking here.

Where to Buy

     Nutrition 101: Choose Life! is available from Growing Healthy Homes. They have three ways to buy the book. You can choose the book itself for $99.95. You can choose the book in electronic format on CD-Rom for $79.95 which contains a pdf-file of the entire book. I received the electronic format and loved that I could have it not only on my computer, but also was able to put it on my NOOKColor to read anywhere. The final option is to choose the book and CD-Rom combo pack for $129.99. This option allows you to have a hard copy of the book and an electronic copy to print out recipes or other information when teaching your children.

     I am not the only one to review this book. Visit the TOS Crew Blog to read what my Crew Mates are saying about this book.

As an Independent contractor for The Old Schoolhouse and member of TOS Homeschool Crew I received  an electronic version of  Nutrition 101: Choose Life! for free from Growing Healthy Homes in exchange for my honest review of their product.


MaMa's Southern's Abundant Homeschool said...

Awesome review!! I too, have just loved Nutrition 101. We have been using it since last year on the crew when we reviewed! I am so glad that your family enjoyed it as much as mine!

Vickie said...

This is one awesome book!!! Definitely a keeper and one I'll be reading over and over again too. I plan to have the kids use it for more indepth study to go with their High School health credit.

Great review :)