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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pinewood Derby


     Ben loves the Pinewood Derby car he made this year. What made it so special was that Matthew helped him with it. They planned the design and cut it out together. Matthew put his heart and soul and even a little blood into this project. After it was done, Matthew looked at it and said “My Pinewood Derby cars never looked this good.”  I reminded Matthew that he did not have an older brother to help him with his projects. At his Eagle ceremony, Matthew was charged with helping his brother obtain his Eagle Rank some day. Ben is only a Bear Scout, but well on his way to Eagle,with his big brother’s help.


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Vickie said...

I always wanted a big brother :) But then again, I guess I wouldn't have needed him for things such as these. Way to go boys! The car was great and raced awesome!