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Sunday, August 15, 2010

School Time


     School is officially here. We started slowly last week, but now we are in full swing.  It is an exciting year, yet touched with a bit of apprehension. This will be my oldest son’s last year as he is 17 and finishing up high school.  We started homeschooling in 2001 and now I wonder “Where did all the time go?” and “Did I do enough?”.  So, along with my 12th grader, I have a 13 yr. old who is in 9th grade, an 8 yr. old in 3rd to 4th grade and a 7 yr. old in 2nd to 3rd grade.

   Our main focus this year for Sarah, Ben and Rebekah is American History.  This will be the third time I am going through Sonlight Core 3 and the second time for Sonlight 100,  (Sonlight is our main homeschooling program, check out their website with the button to the right for more information.)  Sarah is going to be in Algebra as well. She started this last spring and is being “tutored” through it by her  big brother. This is hilarious to me to listen to as I hear things coming out of his mouth that I said to him, such as “If I can’t read your writing the problem is wrong.” and “You can’t just drop the negative.”  This review of Algebra I is helping him as well as he is finishing up Algebra II.

          We will also be adding in new-to-us products that we will be reviewing through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Homeschool Review Crew. (Check out the Review Crew button to the right as well.)  We already have a few items and have been having fun, using them.  Reviews on the items will be coming throughout the year.

     I am looking forward to it all. The reading, spelling, writing, math, science and more. My kids, well, they have mixed emotions, but they always rally in the end.  So, Monday morning, bright and early, breakfast will be eaten, chores will be done, and four kids and their mom will sit down for morning worship praising God for the opportunity of another school year.