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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Any Given Morning

On any given morning  things are never dull.

Adventures in Odyssey is playing.

Breakfast is being made and eaten.

Ben will have a book in his hand.

Rebekah will be told, once again, the blanket does not belong in the kitchen, put it in your room.

Loki, the dog, is “talking” to us because he is hungry. Then after he eats he runs around the house like crazy till somebody puts him outside.

Rebekah is heard whistling while she is coloring.

Sarah will be feeding the dog.

Dishes are clanking as the dishwasher is being emptied.

Water is running for dishes to be washed.

Ben is still reading a book.

Sarah is playing a piece on the piano.

And then mom comes out, and the scheduled part of the day begins.

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