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Friday, February 24, 2012

A is for Aggravation Blogging Through the Alphabet

     I decided it might be fun, and a good way to prompt me to write on my blog, to join Marcy of Ben and Me in blogging through the Alphabet. This week we are starting with the letter A.  Make sure you visit Marcy’s blog and read what other people chose for their letter A posts.

     So for this week I choose that the letter A could stand for Aggravation. I tried for two days to think of a good topic starting with the letter A. Could I do it? NO! I could not seem to come up with one A word that would create a long enough blog post.

     I asked my husband, he said apples. Huh! I did not think I could wax eloquent about apples. We are coming into Spring, not Fall. Apples are not on my mind right now.

     As I am running through a list of A words in my head, I had no idea where some of my thoughts were coming from. Aardvark popped into my head. Aardvark? what would I know about those animals. Aliens? Well, I do live in New Mexico, but not in Roswell, so there went that strange topic. Authority? This came up as I had to tell my daughter she was not the mother, I was. But definitely not a topic I wanted a whole blog post on. Awesome? I think my husband and kids are awesome. but a whole post on that might be insipid for others to read.

     So I ended up on the topic of Aggravation. I am aggravated by not being able to think of some wonderful, awe-inspiring A word topic. But it sure got my brain thinking. I was thinking A words as I was doing dishes last night. A words were popping through my head as I was getting my hair cut today.

      And not only A words, but I was able to create a list of words for other letters of the alphabet.  I have a pretty good start on what to write about for the next 25 weeks. Although, I am still not too sure about Q, and X, but I am sure something will present themselves.


Marcy Crabtree said...

funny story. I had the same expect issue with the letter A! I have all kinds of ideas for other letters, but it took me all week to come with my word for A!

thanks for linking up. can't wait to see what you come up with for the other letters!

Mozi Esmé said...

Too funny!