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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beautiful Desert Morning

Today was a beautiful, cold, morning across the desert. The snow from yesterday was mostly melted, but the temperature was about 22 degrees.  During my walk this morning, I reached the point where you look out across the Tularosa Basin to the Organ Mountains. The sun just touching the mountains and turning them beautiful shades of purple was gorgeous. The picture, which was taken by my phone, does not quite do the scene justice.


2011-12-07 07 06 06

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MJ Kellerman said...

What a thrill to see such wonders just a short walk from home. When I first moved to Idaho, I too was in awe every time I drove to Boise. Looking both north and south of the highway, there were distant mountain peaks covered in snow. Having lived in Ohio, Nebraska, and Minnesota previously I had never seen such a beautiful sight! Praise God for his wonderful handiwork!