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Friday, March 4, 2011

Sentimental Thoughts

     Tomorrow is my son’s 18th birthday. The closer it gets the more sentimental I become. As we finished up dinner the other night, I jumped up and took a picture. I realized that this scene would not stay the same.

2011-03-02 19.47.45

     Family dinners have always been a priority. To the best of our ability, we try to eat together as a family at least once a day. As the kids have grown older, this can become a challenge due to sports, or jobs. It also becomes a challenge with my husbands job. He sometimes works a weird schedule or is gone TDY. When he was working swing shift, 3pm-11pm, I would make “dinner” for lunch.  I get this priority for eating as a family from my mother. She always made sure we ate together. One year when I was in high school she even got everyone up early so that we could eat breakfast together since evenings were so hectic.

   I love this picture. It shows everyone smiling and happy. Most nights this is just how dinner looks. You would think that after being together all day, we would run out of things to talk about. But the kids love to tell dad what happened, what they have learned and sometimes just tell jokes.

     So now my kids are getting older. They will eventually leave home and one by one our dinner table will get smaller, lesser amounts of food will need to be prepared. One day it will be just my husband and I together at the table, talking about our day and sharing dinner and a glass of wine. And then will come the excitement of family coming to visit and bringing  new additions through spouses and grandchildren.

     See I am very sentimental, but excited to see what season in my life will be next.

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Vickie said...

Great photo! and you are so right, it doesn't last forever. I wish I had taken more of these kinds of photos when my older 3 kids were still home. Now, when the grandkids are here and gathered around the table, I'm sure to get one and for some reason, they are some of my favorite photos. Weird huh? Time flies, that's for sure.