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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent Journey

     As I mentioned yesterday, we sing a hymn during our worship time everyday. We then go over vocabulary that may not be familiar, especially to the younger kids. For today’s Lenten Journey I thought I would define some of the more “theological” terms and phrases from the hymn Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain that other’s may not be familiar with.

  • contrition – sincere repentance or remorse
  • remission pardon; forgiveness, as of sins or offenses.
  • “defiled without, within” dirty or unclean in every part
  •  “live forever” – Eternal life in Heaven

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

My guys have learned some of their most impressive vocabulary words through religious education, church, and hymns.

Vickie said...

A great way to break down the hymns.....explaining unknown words.

Trish said...

Our daughter asks what words mean, I never thought until now that I could be proactive and not wait for her to ask.