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Friday, February 4, 2011

Dig It Games -- Roman Town

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Roman Town kids

Have you ever wanted to go on an Archeological Dig? Wondered about how how exciting it would be to unearth a Roman coin, or put together a mosaic?

Roman Town is a computer game that gives the feeling of being on a real Archeological Dig.

Roman Town Room

Features of the Game (taken from the Dig It Website)

This interactive, educational game targets 5th to 8th graders, but is played by kids from 8 to 88!

With Roman Town, kids will learn about Roman culture, society, and history through  “hands-on” discovery, analysis, and problem solving - skills that are fundamental to educational growth 
and development.

Kids love to discover new facts and information  just like real Archaeologists, logically and step-by-step, at an authentic excavation site.

Roman Town is the only game available that lets you be an archaeologist.  Manage your team of diggers while you learn about archaeological techniques.  Experience the thrill of uncovering ancient objects.  You’ll find something different every time you play!

Roman Town Report


  • Multi-player
  • Slow paced
  • Finding Artifacts
  • Information, Information and more Information
  • Playing Roman games
  • Filling out reports
  • Mosaic Tile puzzles

What the Clark Clan thought:

     Sarah (13) and Ben (9) were the two that helped test this game. They both really enjoyed the game and would play for as long as I would let them. This game involves a lot of reading. None of it is spoken. I mentioned it would be nice if it could be read to you, but Sarah disagreed with me. She said that it would slow her down if she had to wait for everything to be read. Sarah told me she found this game to be very engaging. She really enjoyed learning about each artifact and learning the Roman games.  She liked to reconstruct the artifacts. Ben finished every level of the game and has started over. He is still just as excited to play the second time around as the first.

     I created a log –in and played the game a few times. I was impressed with how much information is contained within the game. I thought the way this information was presented was very well done. When an artifact was found, you were told a little information about it. If you wanted more details,  you could click on the L.E.A.R.N. button and receive more information, sometimes there would be two, three or four levels of information.  As a parent, I was happy to educational features built into the game. There were  multiple choice quizzes and reports to fill out, all in the context of being an archeologist. I found the slower pace of the game to be refreshing compared to other educational computer games. This game did not make you feel frantic or rushed as you played it.

      We found that this game was appealing for both solo play and for playing with another person. We began to test this game during the Christmas break. Ben had his two cousins Zac (10) and Eli(8) visiting. One cold day, I set the three boys up to play this game and they all played for as long as I would let them. I knew then that Roman Town was something special, when an educational game kept three active boys busy for over an hour with no disagreements.

    As an overall assessment, the Clark Clan highly recommends this game. It is not loud and flashy, but very engaging. Any study of Ancient Rome would be enhanced with this game.

Price Information :

Visit the Dig-It games website to order Roman Town. You can also find DIg-It games on Facebook and Twitter.

Roman Town sells for  $39.95, BUT Dig-It games is offering a sale to readers of TOS Review Crew blogs. Between today and February 21, 2011 you can enter the code TOS2011. This will get you Roman Town for $19.96. This is a great deal but will not last past the February 21st deadline.

System Requirements
:• Windows Vista/XP/2000
• CPU 800 Mhz; RAM 412MB; Hard Drive 350MB

Visit the TOS Review Crew blog to read what other Crew members thought about this product. Each family views a product differently and it is nice to read several reviews before spending money on something.

As an Independent contractor for The Old Schoolhouse and member of TOS Homeschool Crew I received a download of Roman Town for free from Dig – It Games in exchange for my honest review of their product.

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Vickie said...

Very well written. We enjoyed this game as well. It's a keeper :)