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Friday, October 28, 2011

Frugal Friday Night Fun

             In our house, on a Friday night it seems that everyone has something fun to do except the two younger ones. So for their Friday night fun, we have a Frugal Friday Movie Night.  This time we made it a movie/play dough night.

     It started with the making of homemade play dough. Both Ben and Rebekah collaborated in making the play dough. We used one of our favorite craft books called The Ultimate book of Kid Concoctions and made a fruity play dough using cherry powdered drink mix. 

     Then we spread an old plastic table cloth on the living room floor. We pulled out the cookie cutters and rolling pins and let them have at it. We also put on a favorite movie, 101 Dalmatians (the cartoon version).


     These frugal Friday movie nights happen about two times a month.  Both Ben and Rebekah like to do something while they are watching TV. Some Fridays we pull out the drawing supplies, sometimes it is Legos or blocks. This time the play dough was a huge hit. They watched the movie, made many cookies, snowballs, pizzas and even a flip-flop.



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Cathlene said...

Very creative. Recently we made play dough with Elizabeth and Katrina. I had forgotten how much nicer homemade is. Your photos showed how creative Ben and Rebekah are.