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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Molly's Money Saving Digest

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Molly's Money Saving Digest- Evaluate, Prioritize, Organize, January 2010

This e-book was right up my alley. I love money saving ideas, new recipes and pre-made forms with added crafts thrown in this book was a hit. From the beginning with the lesson on pie crusts, I was hooked. I have sporadically made pie crusts from scratch, with more often than not, buying pre-made crust. I will no longer be doing that, but making my own for the freezer. I loved not only the detailed instructions, but the pictures as well. My six year old helped me with the "Buttery Pressed Pie Crust". She was so excited she could make it with minimal help from me. We did substitute pistachios for the coconut, pecans or walnuts called for, as we were making a pistachio pudding pie. An added bonus was the recipe made more than we anticipated and we have two extra in the freezer ready to go. She can't wait for pot-luck Sunday at church so she can take a pie she made.

Forms, Forms, Forms. I love forms. Just ask my kids. The budget forms were very good and easy to use. The Daily To-Do lists were nice. I liked that they were all ready made and a fun color. They were very easy for me to print out and use. One form that I have read about, but never done was a Clothing Inventory Check-List. I was able to give this to my older two and they could easily check off what clothes they had and I was able to help my younger two. This gave us a good outlook on their wardrobes and what they are going to need for the Spring and Summer season.

This e-book also included a weeks worth of dinner menus. We decided to cook the entire week of recipes. The food was similar to how I cook and my family liked all the recipes. The Zesty Pork Roast was our favorite. I cook a lot in my slow cooker, and I was able to easily adapt these recipes.

There were more ideas and fun in this e-book than the ones I have touched on. I would recommend this to anyone. While all ideas may not apply most of them will. I had so much fun taking my time reading and re-reading sections, and trying all the fun recipes. I loved that the recipes were simple enough that my girls could help me, yet sophisticated enough to serve to company. One try and I am hooked on Molly's Money Saving Digest.


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Vickie said...

Great post! If you like forms...take a look at TOS Schoolhouse Planner too!!! 120 of them :) Look for my review coming soon!