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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review–VideoText Interactive

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Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II ? Where should I start with my ! student? Do they have to do Pre-Algebra? VideoText Interactive has come up with the answer! Use one course Algebra: A Complete Course, to teach Algebra from 7th grade and up.

VideoText Interactive strives to teach the teen brain how to develop problem solving skills and analytical thinking skills. They go in depth to explain the “why” behind every concept taught in the course. Students are not learning “tricks” or shortcuts, but they will learn why those procedures work the way they do.  A strong foundation is set during the early lessons allowing younger students to feel successful and older students progress quickly to the upper levels.

VideoText Interactive is available as  a video based web course or a DVD based course.   .  All teaching is done through a video online, but parents are strongly encouraged  to sit with their student and watch the lesson stopping frequently to talk over the concepts. By doing this, parents have a clear understanding of what their student is learning. Note taking during lessons is discouraged as it can distract from the information being taught. Note sheets are provided to help jog a students memory of what was taught during the lesson.

VideoText Interactive is a “mastery method of learning”. Concepts build on to each other. By ensuring students master a concept before going, the need for repeating previous lessons is eliminated. Mastery is achieved through daily work and quizzes. Students are required to show every step on their daily work problems. Solution manuals showing every step quickly points out where their thinking has gone wrong and can get them back on track.  Quizzes are taken after each lesson in order to ascertain whether mastery has been achieved. 

ClarkClan Experiences

Ben, who is in the 7th grade, was our tester for VideoText Interactive. He was starting the program at the youngest age recommended. We took it slowly, having him work at his own pace, going over lessons twice if needed. I would have him watch the lesson (usually with me, not always). Then he would read the note sheet and work on the problems on the worksheets. I would check these for him. The next day, he would take the quiz for the lesson to see if he should go on or re-do the previous lesson.


  • We liked the video format. The videos were not flashy but conveyed the information in a clear, concise manner.
  • We liked the no-textbook format. The “textbook” is the video. All lesson sheets, notes and quizzes are easily printed out.
  • We liked that the program offered lots of opportunity to practice on a single lesson. Two forms of the quizzes were available, if needed.
  • The idea that only one Algebra Course is needed for what others essentially break down into three grades is a big advantage.
  • Ben and I had two separate log-ins. His took him to the student site where he had access to all work and quizzes. I also had full access to work sheets, quizzes and  notes and solutions.


  • I found the website to be be a little bit “clunky” and while not exactly hard to navigate, not the easiest to navigate. I eventually realized to make it easier on myself, I printed out all lessons, quizzes and notes. Then I placed them in a 3 ring binder so Ben would have all he needed for each lesson.
  • Without looking at Ben’s notebook, there was no way to know what lesson he was on. I would like to know what he has completed online.


This is a solid math program. I would recommend this program for students who are ready to start a Pre-Algebra class.  Because this is a Complete Course, this is the only Algebra program you will need to buy. It covers pre-Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II. In all honesty, this has not been Ben’s favorite math program. He found it to be a little dry. He said he liked the instructor, but he did not like having to take a quiz every other day.


Many of my Crew Mates reviewed Algebra: A Complete Course as well as Geometry: A Complete Course. Click on the banner above and read what they had to say about their experiences with this vendor.

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